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School Introduction

School History

Hunterville  School opened on 28th September 1887 with a roll of 40 pupils. A secondary department was established at the school in 1912 and this operated until 1929.

The word "Consolidated" in the school's name refers to the amalgamation of six smaller schools namely Silverhope (Paraekaretu) 1937; Rata 1937; Putorino 1939; Mangaonoho 1939; Poukiore 1941; and Rata-iti in 1952.

The school's roll peaked in December 1958 at 416 pupils and the school hall was opened in 1960.

The roll for the past several years has settled between 150 - 180 pupils, with approximately half of these pupils coming to school by bus. We start this year with a roll of 160 and expect to be around 175 by the end of the year.


What does Hunterville School stand for?

The Board of Trustees consults comprehensively with parents every four years to ensure the school delivers to its students the type of education parents’ desire. The last such consultation was in mid 2013.

Out of such consultations has emerged the following Guiding Principles, as well as the statements below them, which have been in place for several years now. They are very much living, meaningful statements which guide all our strategic thinking:

  1. QUALITY LEARNING: We will provide a quality, holistic education with a focus on developing high levels of competency in reading, writing and mathematics, and promoting sport as an integral part of that rounded education.

  2. QUALITY PARTNERSHIPS: We will actively encourage a strong sense of partnership between school, home, and the wider community. We will develop Maori culture within our school alongside other cultures in our society.

  3. QUALITY LEARNING CLIMATE and ENVIRONMENT: We will provide a positive, secure and supportive, dynamic environment where growth and learning can be achieved by all.

  4. QUALITY PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: We will create a physical environment that is safe, attractive and becoming more sustainable.

  5. QUALITY LIFE CAPABILITIES: We will endeavour to teach the capabilities that people have, and need to develop, to live and learn today and in the future.


Our School Motto:
“Hunterville Pride … Together we Strive”

Along with the above comes our ‘quality’ statement:
“Quality Learning, Quality Behaviour, Quality Environment”

And Our Golden Rule…
“Treat others the way you’d like to be treated”

Term Dates


TERM 1:  We 31 Jan to Fri 13 April
TERM 2:  Mon 30 April to Fri 6 July

TERM 3:  Mon 23 July to Fri 28 Sept

TERM 4:  Mon 15 Oct to Tue 18 Dec

(Above dates include provision for
two teacher only days during the year)

Upcoming Events

Check Newsletters Below for Details   
     Some Dates Subject to Change

6: End of term two
23: Day one of term three
30: Life Ed Caravan classes 30/7 to 3/8

18: Yr 7/8 winter sports tournament, Marton
20: Yr 5/6 winter sports tournament, Marton
27: Mental Maths finals
28: Tough kid competition - end of term three!

15: Day one of term four
17-19: Year 5 Camp Raukawa Falls
22: School closed - Labour Day
24: School speech competition
26: School cross-country
27: Hunterville Shemozzle

2: Interschool cross-country, Hunterville
6: Lamb and Pet Day
19-25: Year 7/8 camp Resolution Bay
30: Yr 7/8 softball tournament

11: Year 8 Dinner, TBC?
17: Prizegiving assembly, Town Hall 7pm
18: School closes for the year at 12 midday

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